Nahm Simple Pendant Collection-SWP016-M

Nahm Simple Pendant Collection-SWP016-M
Nahm Simple Pendant Collection-SWP016-M
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Nahm Pendant

"Nahm" is mean Water. Water influences Thai's life from birth to death of water is the main factor used in cultivation in Thailand. The lines formed by the reflection of the water. In the modern jewelry to wear every day.
This pendant is a piece of work that we used Curved Line 2 pieces Assembly with Matt, that made ​​with silver  and representing the culture of Thailand. Influence from Thailand Culture use water from river when we born and until we die.

Silver is known to persist and famous for over 700 years ago.  
We combine a pattern of Neat silver  with modern pendant , a mix of ancient and modern style to be Culnature Pendant. Result that can be worn in everyday of life and look classical and Unique Design. 

                           Product Description

Type Deatial
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
Special Technique Matt Texture
Weight  13.8 gramm
Size WxLXH mm. 18x24x10 mm.

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