SUWAN Jewelry

Culnature jewelry,  Your New jewelry design.




Suwan Designed by 2 Expert Jewelry Designers ,Sutimas Wannakomol and  Wanchai Khrongyuth in the same concept. "We are Thai people"


It is generally well known that Thailand is a craftsman made ​​jewelry with the best expertise in the world. In terms of technical sophistication and low cost. Well known Jewelry Companies  will be relocated to Thailand at all.


We took inspiration from our spirit. Resulting from the merger betaween Culture-nature of Thailand. We were born and live here.

Make a contribution to reflect the culture-nature, That why we call new trend " Culnature " that you can touchable in SUWAN.  



In our design SUWAN jewelry  in a format that you can in trend wear every day, unique, Fine quality. Made by Rare Lanna (Chiang Mai) Techniques more than 700 years, you don't miss.




Suwan Creation Jewelry Ltd.,Part.